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Two determined rescue animals have a face off!    Actually its a daily meet & greet.  Rescued puppy mill black lab Australian Shepherd MISTY
has a daily nose to nose with most all the horses-especially the foals.  Here she & PMU foal Buckskin Chaps are caught at the moment of their eye to eye.  Sure makes you wonder what they're talking about???
(See also Buckskin Chaps as 5 Heart (newborn) & a yearling full body photo on the box).



                                                                  MILLIE & LARKA 
Totally alpha Millie was the biggest of all the mares in her herd of 27.   Considered  the prime choice for a driving team, she was instead adopted as a trail riding candidate.  She later gave birth to perfectly marked Larka.   Millie was a bit of a slow train, well - let me clarify-there is nothing slow about Millie.  She will race across the pasture to tell you "this is MY PASTURE"!  She has come a long way after giving birth to Larka.  Millie will allow human contact & is not concerned about Larka taking up with humans.
*Millie has been re-adopted (with an OPEN DOOR RETURN POLICY) by a young man who is well equipped to encourage her growth for human use, while also allowing Millie to "be Millie" in her very alpha way.

It will be a joy to share Larkas continuing story as cared for by Brenda & Clay, loving adoptive parents.

*Larka is beautiful & a very large lady (just like birth Mom Millie).  She has been known to lounge on the porch in wait of her human mom & dad.  Since Millie has been re-adopted, Larka is still doing very well (happy, active & playful) & in awe of her 2 new mare pasture guardians & teachers.


                                                                  Larka is also featured on the box!

                                                                  TIGGER & MONTE 
                                        NEW YEARS RESCUE                                         
Wow! Get a look at this beautiful barn these lucky fellows have landed in.  They, along with 5 other horses, join other former rescued horses,  at a wonderful 300 acre ranch....

*Due to the recent selling of the owners property, these 2 fine fellows have been transfered to a new forever home sanctuary on 1,000 acres.


                                                                RED ROAN 
                                       RETIRED CHAMPION                                           
Happy go lucky, Red greets you when you go to the back pasture!  He resides over a herd of mares & thinks he has gone to heaven. 
*Red is in amazing shape & continues to lead the herd of mares & foals.


                                        ROPIN' HORSE                                                    
Allowed to waste away while fighting for every morsel...

Wally out for a stroll!

*Wally is one of those yo yo hard keepers.  He is full of love & life, but needs special care to maintain his weight.  He is a favorite of the kids & adults alike due to his friendly nature.  He is living in a forever home.


                                                                  ANNIE OAKLEY 
                                        APHA PMU FOAL                                                 
They don't get much prettier than this gal-her Mom is an  APHA PMU broodmare.

This quirky little photo of Annie trying to graze grass is also on the box!

Annie crossing a seasonal creek.

*Annie is growing up.  She is an even tempered young lady who is independent, yet very human friendly.  She has been considered for a driving team, but its still to early yet.

                                                                  KOOWLA & THOR 
                                        PMU MARE & FOAL                                             
Brown Mare- Koowla (APHA) is her registered name.  The alpha mare from a herd of pregnant PMU mares from North Dakota, Koowla was adopted right away because of her stout build, shiny coat, easy handling skills & overall  best conformation among the herd of starved broodmares.   Initially she had a bout of heavy tapeworm infestation, which  required a 3 month focus, while also needing to gain healthy weight prior to giving birth.  Healthy Thor was born & the two have a safe & happy home on 56 acres!


...Thor is now halter broke & trailer savvy.  He was born a wild child, but has the intelligence to match his inquisitive nature.  He pastures with mom & 3 other mares on 56 acres with a tank.  Thor managed to get bit by a snake this year, but fortunately he has recovered.  He will undergo a herbal cleanse to rid his system of poisons that linger for years if left untouched.  His continuing story will be colorful I'm sure!  Already he is a regular at the tank on hot days drinking & taking a dip, unlike Mom who simply does NOT LIKE tank water!  Thank goodness a new well was recently dug so she can satisfy her more discriminating tastes!

                                        APPALOOSA SENIOR                                          
This uniquely colored Appaloosa, Quincy, is an example of what can be termed "Purposeful Placement".  Why don't more people find homes for horses they no longer can keep?  Can you imagine the gift a safe, well seasoned, healthy horse can offer a young rider?

Quincy is also featured on the box.

*Quincy is in great shape, very independent-prefers to hang with the "wild crowd" & NOT the geriatrics.

                                        ABANDONED APPY                                             
This attractive Grey mare was left with 2 other horses when a cowboy quit his job.  He said he'd be back for her...

*Sadie has been transfered to a forever home after her adoptive family relocated to New Mexico.


                                        SADDLEBRED GELDING                                     
This gelding is a stand out!   No one comes in his presence who doesn't remark of his fabulous markings.  A physical as well as photogenic specimen of excellence...

*Still up for adoption at a rescue , this friendly, but skiddish alpha gelding has had some round pen work & has had a halter on him-but no rider yet.     


                                                                  IRISH (RIP) 
                                        CUTTING HORSE                                                
Surprises come in many packages.  Irish was nothing short of a gift, a shining example of the will horses have to please their master & the determination to endure.  A remarkable fellow, who thought nothing of marching right up the steps to your front door to beckon you out...

*Few days pass that this loving soul is not thought of.  Even the vision of his front porch antics still remain in memory.


                                                                  BIG RED 
                                        CUTTING HORSE                                                
I call this interesting display of golden rays behind this marvelous horse: SUNBURST.  A kind, gentle red roan grazes while the day gently comes to a close...

*Big Red has navicular.  Although very very active, he is no longer able to be ridden.  He is an easy keeper & currently lives in a forever home.


                                                                  NAVAJO RED 
                                        AQHA MARE                                                     
Can you see it in her eyes?  This is a PMU mare.  She not only is a victim of the pharmaceutical industries quest to gain profit from her pain & confinement, but also a victim of starvation & neglect.  This, now vibrant mare, was forced to remain pregnant in order for a drug company to produce synthetic hormones.  Shouldn't we ask why... when natural hormones are THE PERFECT MATCH for women's needs?

Registered:  Chestnut Mare- Shilo Skip Dancer (AQHA)

*Very healthy, active & beautiful, this mare is still available for adoption & residing in a rescue.


                                                                  VAN GOGH 
                                        39 YEAR OLD CLYDESDALE                              
If only he could share of his life's experiences-what "we" could learn from this wise soul!

Van is living on borrowed time.  A gift to all who meet him, he is doing so well!   He has a voracious appetite and arrived
safely ONLY after postponing   his trip 3/4 of the way to the rescue after an emergency stop along the way.  His legs were swollen several times their normal size-he dropped while riding in the trailer!    Everyone feared he would not make the trip, but after a few days rest & balanced nutrition, he was able to complete his trip & continue his life at the rescue after his former home (another rescue) had to close its doors!  Van has gradually added weight
and no longer requires bute-his daily drug for arthritic pain.  He does, however require daily herbs for joint & bone support, as well as periodic respiratory herbs which may have been caused from early years being stalled-or simply age & light respiratory distress.  Van takes daily walks to the tank with his significant other (Gypsy 10 Diamonds) & welcomes each day with a cheery "nay".   He especially likes to hang out under the numerous trees on the property where he shares a pasture with other horses affectionately called "the geriatric pasture pals".

*Van had a brief scare recently, loosing control of his hind area.  He immediately rebounded, then later had an abscess which swelled, burst,  & cleared within a week.  He continues to roam freely in his forever home, greeting all visitors with affection.  He meets every day with a whinny to encourage the feed time ritual-where he routinely moves into his pen (voluntarily) to be fed (uninterrupted by others).   van continues to amaze us all with his fine physique, good appetite & active lifestyle!

More Coming Soon...