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   THANK YOU for purchasing Horse Rescue Faces !T
        100% of the profits from your gift with donation  (purchase) will go to feed, care, transport,  or rescue of horses in need!   

 Each horse featured in the deck represents only a minute glimpse at thetthousands of horses worldwide who are seized by animal control, or  ssaved from the ill fate of slaughter...including PMU discards, race track noncproducers, breeder cutbacks, abandoned, abused, neglected, discarded, & even purposefully placed family horses no longer affordable,  needed  or wanted.


Find your favorite card in the deck & read all about the horse featured.If horses could talk we'd probably get quite an ear full, but since they can't we can only imagine what they might say or feel.   We can definitely share what little we may know of each horses background & experiences in life. The good news is each horse is loved & cared for in their new homes with adoptive or foster families.   Some horses also remain in a forever home at a rescue/sanctuary....and when it is time, these horses transition in a peaceful non violent manner.                                                  

Thank you for your continued support
  of your local rescues, sanctuaries, or shelters & of horses (& other animals)  in need around the world!

Please go to Desired card
(See individual suites displayed in index left)
information on every horse featured
in your deck of cards.

  tFor parties interested in utilizing the cards for your own fund raiser, for  eevents, or Wholesale Donations, we kindly  
 re-direct you (ex. rescues, clubs, organizations, sponsors, & retailers etc.)
 to our web site. 
                                                     CTCLICK link to go there now.  

Horse Rescue Faces cards are sold primarily as a GIFT with donation (nationally )as a means to raise funds for horse rescues, sanctuaries, retirement ranches, special needs centers, riding clubs, & various organizations (including non profits)  that choose to participate in a fund raiser using the cards.  All who participate are forever grateful for your purchase, but also for any effort (large & small) on your part to introduce the cards to other individuals, retail accounts, organizations (and the like) who may also support horse rescue and or this project.  FULL disclosure of  donations raised (by the card originators) is available & 100% will go to horses-no salaries, no kick backs, no games, no secret bonuses, no vacations to celebrate & no hidden agendas.   Showing where the money really goes starts with each individual & company.  We are more than proud to do our part for horses & to start a trend of  being accountable for where every dime goes.